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The Battery is the inset part of the composite Module. It must be selected and then attached to a Body part that is already placed on the Workbench screen. You will need at least one Battery to assemble a Body module. A Battery has two characteristics: Energy Capacity and Energy Regeneration.

A 4-Handed Body can accept 2 Batteries. You will be allowed to save the Module even if you only put one Battery inside but this will put you at a disadvantage, as you will find yourself low on Energy in prolonged battle.

The Energy provided from your Battery is used for firing Devices.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Energy Capacity: Determines the maximum amount of Energy at your disposal and that total is cumulative (if you have more than one battery equipped), that is, if 2 Batteries are equipped, their Energy value is summed up. You can never surpass your Energy Capacity.
  • Energy Regeneration: The rate at which you will regenerate spent energy, measured in amount per second. Keep in mind that the Battery starts to regenerate after 2 seconds of inactivity (that is, no Weapons or Devices are used). If you find yourself running low on Energy in the middle of combat, it might be a good idea to look for cover, where you will be able to recharge without being exposed to enemy fire. Generally, the higher a battery's Capacity is – the lower its Regeneration rate is.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Generally, the higher a Battery’s Energy Capacity is, the lower its Energy Regeneration rate. Therefore, you should choose your Battery with regard to your preferred tactics.

  • If you’re a Skirmisher or a Balanced-type robot that prefers hit-and-run tactics, you should go for high-regen batteries. They will give you sufficient Capacity to deal a surprise blow to your enemy, and then you can break line of sight to quickly regenerate.
  • If you’re a Juggernaut, you won’t be able to either pursue, or escape quicker enemies, so you should make sure to have sufficient Energy for when they decide to bring the battle to you. Therefore, you should go for high-capacity batteries that are better suited for prolonged firefights.
  • If you prefer to use Mine and Turret Devices to ambush enemies (as opposed to deploying them mid-combat), you should consider high-regen batteries. Conversely, if you prefer to use Shields or other devices in a firefight, high-capacity might be the way to go – otherwise, you might find yourself short on Energy for you Weapons after using the Device.
  • Depending on your play-style and build, you may either go for a specialized battery (either with the highest capacity, or with the highest regen), or you might choose one of the more balanced Batteries. Additionally, if you’re using a 4-Handed Body, with 2 Battery slots, you might want to combine high-regen and high-capacity batteries for a more balanced Energy management.