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The Chassis is the housing part of the composite Engine for a Chassis Module to be assembled.

The Chassis are divided into Light, Medium and Heavy categories, and also into the Wheeler, Walker, Thread and Hover type.

Generally speaking, the heavier a Chassis’ category is - the more Durability it has, but it will also be slower than its lighter counterparts. For an absolute Speed value, however, the Chassis Type should also be considered.

The Wheeler-type Chassis are the fastest in any given category. They always have the lowest Passability, however.

The Hover Chassis are the slowest in any given category. Then never suffer movement penalties, however.

The Threaded Chassis have the Highest Durability in a given Category, while the Walker Chassis have the highest Weight Threshold.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Durability: How much Damage the Chassis can withstand before being destroyed. Generally, heavier Chassis are more durable than their lighter counterparts, and the Threaded Chassis offer the most Durability compared to other types in the same category.
  • Speed: The maximum Speed of which your Chassis is capable. It may be dramatically affected by your robot’s Weight, however.
  • Passability: The amount by which the Terrain Penalty will be reduced when you cross water, mud or a rough surface.
  • Weight: How much the Chassis will add to your total Robot Weight.
  • Weight Threshold: Depending on your build, this stat is as important to your mobility as is the Speed itself. While any Weight that falls within the limit of your Threshold is completely ignored, any unit of Weight above the Threshold reduces your Speed.    

Strategies[edit | edit source]

There are two important Chassis stats that run contrary to each other – Speed and Durability. Depending on your play-style, you may choose to excel in the one at the expense of the other, or to make a balanced build with both Speed and Durability in the medium ranges.

  • If you’re going for a Skirmisher build, Speed is your greatest asset – a Light Wheeler Chassis is the best way to go, but you may also consider the Light Walker and Threaded types, for added survivability and the capacity to carry more firepower
  • If you’re making a Juggernaut build, your priority is dishing out damage and not being overly concerned with avoiding return fire. A Heavy Chassis will increase your staying power in battle; the Threaded type will give you more Durability, while the Walker type will allow you to load up even more hardware, without your already modest Speed taking a further dive