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Modules are the basic components of your robots.

Assembling modules[edit | edit source]

There are 3 types of composite Modules that require assembly in the Workbench screen before you can use them to build your robot: Weapon, Body, and Chassis.

Each composite Module is composed of a housing part (generally sharing a name with the Module) and an inset part.

When assembling a composite Module, you must always place the housing part on the Workbench first. Next, you select one of the available inset parts and place it within the housing part.

As the inset parts are generally smaller, it may be difficult to spot the blue hologram that indicates where they should be placed within the housing part - remember that you can use your mouse scroll to zoom in and out of the scene, and holding the middle mouse button will allow you to rotate the camera.

To remove an already placed inset part – select it on the Workbench and Right-Click.

To remove a housing part (and any inset parts attached to it) and clear the Workbench – select the housing part on the screen and Right-Click.

Housing Parts[edit | edit source]

Inset Parts[edit | edit source]