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The Trasher is a Cone-of-Effect (COE) Light Barrel that can be combined with any Light Firing Mechanism to assemble a Weapon Module.

In contrast to all other weapon types, the COE weapons have a limited firing range. They do, however, have a 100% hit rate against ALL enemies within a roughly cone-shaped area of effect, drawn from the barrel’s tip.

Another specific of the COE weapons is that they don’t deal their damage in the conventional way. Instead, their listed damage is divided equally between all comprising modules of any one target. This makes them ill-suited for dismantling a particular enemy part, but the constant damage dealt quickly adds up, and softens your opponents, setting them up either for your teammates to finish off, or for one of your other weapons.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Due to their specifics, all COE weapons are only usable in close-to-medium distance, and are effectively useless in long-range combat. Thus, the Trasher is best suited with a Skirmisher-type robot. Any Light Chassis will be a good match for this weapon, and the faster the robot is – the easier it will be close up with enemy.

For even faster damage output, you should consider attaching the Trasher to a Revolver or Hiccs Firing Mechanism. Keep in mind, any Accuracy penalty to COE weapon is automatically translated into a Miss Chance percentage, calculated per every single enemy module hit!

To maximize your damage-dealing and Credit gain, when faced with multiple opponents, always try to position yourself in such a way, as to get the most enemies caught in your COE weapon’s area of effect.

Due to not requiring a straight aim (and one not being even recommendable when targeting multiple enemies), the Trasher is a perfect combo for another COE or AOE weapon, as these will also be capable of hitting the enemy, through their own area of effect or splash damage.

Like all COE weapons, the Trasher is extremely handy for clearing mines, as its wide area of effect covers more space than you could clear with standard bullets.

The Trasher is particularly good at bringing down Deployable Shields: since it counts as a single, one-module target, all of the Trasher’s damage is applied to it. Besides the limited range, slow firing speed is one of the disadvantages of COE weapons – it is best to combine a COE weapon with another type of gun, in case you’re assaulted up-close by fast enemy Skirmishers with rapid-fire weapons.

Another drawback to COE weapons is the difficulty of dealing concentrated damage to a single enemy robot part. It is therefore advisable that you rely on another weapon for targeting specific parts, such as the enemy’s Chassis or Body.