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The Weapon Module is a module assembled from the Barrel and Firing Mechanism parts. The Weapon Modules are what you’ll use to destroy your enemies, and as such it’s crucial that you select the proper combination of weapons. You could either streamline your approach to combat and outfit yourself with weapons that share a similar play-style, or you can pick weapons that serve different purposes and reduce the risk of being forced into a combat scenario that you’re unprepared for.

If a Weapon Module’s Durability is reduced to 0, it’s immediately destroyed and you won’t be able to use it for the remainder of the battle.

A Weapon module consists of a Firing Mechanism (Main part) and a Barrel (Secondary Part). Both Mechanisms and Barrels are divided into Light, Medium, and Heavy categories (indicated by the number of yellow dots in each weapon part icon) and they're only compatible within their own category!

The Firing Mechanism is the housing part. In contrast to the Body modules, it only modifies the primary stats of the Weapon Module – which in this case are determined by the inset part, the Barrel. Firing Mechanisms are designed to accept a wide variety of barrels. Furthermore, their specific design may modify your rate of fire, damage output and in some cases – even the number of barrels you can attach to them.

The Barrels determine the specific functionality of your Weapon modules. You should examine their stats carefully to determine which type of weapon will best suit your needs. Your Weapons might be conventional guns or energy guns. More powerful conventional weapons require you to purchase ammo. Energy weapons will only drain on your robot's Energy, but their higher consumption will require you to balance them well against your Body's batteries, lest you find your energy exhausted in the heat of battle.

Your robot can be equipped with up to 4 Weapon Modules. During combat each of them can be deactivated or reactivated (to conserve ammo or energy) by pressing the corresponding keys 1-4, as indicated on your interface. By default, Left Trigger fires all the Weapons attached to the left side of your robot, and the Right Trigger – the Weapons attached on it right side. Holding any of the Triggers will result in sustained fire.