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The Body is the housing part of the composite Battery for a Body Module to be assembled.

The Bodies are divided into Light, Medium and Heavy categories. The heavier a Body is, the more Durability it has.

Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Durability: How much Damage the Body can withstand before being destroyed. Generally, 2-Handed Bodies are more durable than their 4-Handed counterparts.
  • Weight: How much the Body will add to your total Robot Weight.
  • Number of Weapon Slots: Generally, the Bodies come in 2-Handed and 4-Handed varieties.
  • Number of Battery Slots: Generally, the 2-Handed Bodies accept a single Battery, while the 4-Handed Bodies accept two batteries. You can assemble a 4-Handed Body Module with only a single battery, but, aside of showing off your self-confidence, no known reason exists of why you would chose to do so.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

There are two main considerations when choosing a Body – its Weight and the number of Weapons it allows you to equip.

  • Bodies from a heavier category than your Chassis are likely to negatively impact your speed. It is therefore recommended to stick to Light Bodies if you’re going for a Skirmisher-type build.
  • If you want to absolutely minimize your Weight, you might opt to take a 4-Handed body, but only equip it with 2 Weapons; this may leave you at a disadvantage, though.
  • If you’re going for a Juggernaut-type build, speed will not be your main strength so you might as well go for 4-Handed Body; you will be an easy target, however, and combined with the lower Durability this can severely reduce your life expectancy in battle. Therefore, this option should be used only if you’re confident in your proficiency with the weapons and/or you have suitable to offset your weaknesses.
  • If you use a Medium or Heavy Chassis, you might consider picking a Body from a lighter category, so as to reduce your Speed disadvantage or compensate for a higher number of guns on a 4-Handed Body.